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7 Toxic Habits to Quit Immediately!

Are you guilty of these toxic habits? Most of the time we fail to realize that we might be practicing toxic habits daily. You might be wondering, what makes it a toxic habit? To me, a toxic habit is something you do that is potentially harming your mental or physical health.

We will admit, we have practiced some of these habits in the past. Since then, we have tried to cut them out of our lives. Here is a list of 7 toxic habits you should quit immediately!

1. Not believing in yourself

We do learn as we get older, that it is ESSENTIAL to your success, to BELIEVE IN YOURSELF. If you continuously put yourself down, or tell yourself you can’t do something, chances are you won’t. Changing your mindset can be a total game changer. Give it a try!

Get rid of toxic people and don’t feel guilty about it.

2. Comparing yourself

Another toxic habit that we tend to do more often than not is comparing ourselves. This steals our peace, this affects our confidence. Do not compare yourself to others. The only person we should compare ourselves to is who we were yesterday, last week, last month, last year….

3. Not letting go of the past

There have been so many times where we have refused to let go of the past. For whatever reason, we just couldn’t let it go. This can be toxic. If we don’t let go of the past, it effects our present. We have to learn to live in the moment and let go of the past.

4. Not forgiving yourself

We all have various struggles in our past for which we end up blaming ourselves. We have to learn how to forgive ourselves in order to be happy. Learn how to forgive yourself and it can really help your mental health.

5.Checking your phone as soon as you wake up

GUILTY! This is a toxic habit that probably we all struggle to quit. We understand that checking the phones as soon as we wake up is a terrible start to the day! Try to start your day on a positive note. Go to your window and stare at the world outside. Read or write a while or make yourself a nice cup of coffee.

6. Running on empty

Out of all the toxic habits, this one might be the worst. Many of us suffer from wanting to do all the things, all at once! We feel like we need to constantly be doing something and constantly be making progress. And, we end up burning out to the point of exhaustion. It is so important to not run on empty. Make sure to eat, sleep and give yourself a break when you need to.

7. Getting no sleep

Just like running on empty, it is a toxic habit to get no sleep. There have been plenty of nights where we would sacrifice the sleep for work, friends, relationships or just mere stress. Coming up with a solid schedule and getting proper rest is so important. At the end of the day try to shut your brain for a while listen to some soothing music and try to fall asleep with nothing on your mind.

What toxic habits are you trying to cut out?

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