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Facebook, Momos and A Love Story

It was 20the Jan 2020. We just planned to meet over some momos. We were Facebook friends for like 5-6 years but never met before! I was waiting at a bus stop and I saw a girl with a pretty smile waving at me and walking towards me. I felt something A fast heartbeat first and then my hands were cold as ice! Although it was January it wasn't that cold that day! We went to a nearby cafe and had momos and spent some amazing 40 mins together. I don't know what happened, I felt she was the one I was falling in love with! I was feeling it right there inside my heart! BuBut thingsere not so easy !She was going through a tough phase! She just went out of her last relationship wasn't a great experience for her! We kept on meeting like every day, I use to meet her after my office over a cup of tea or something It wawasorkingrom home as 2020 January was a pandemic situation so it helped me to meet her every day after I finish my office work at home! One fine day in February we both became very emotional and I was crying, Suddenly she said: "I love you Atreya"! And that was it! That was the moment I decided she was the one. People who say girls don't propose are wrong I would say That's our story.

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